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Successful Living is  program with a collective effort to help individuals and families achieve a balance and a better quality of life  threw education, motivation and information. The program  focuses on issues that impact people’s lives. Topics range from financial literacy to political insight to health and life benefits. The program can  assists you in preparing for your future by applying discipline and processes that will lead to living a successful life. The successful Living team works diligently  to help people achieve 

  •  life full of fun and meaningful work,

  •  life where you can spend plenty of time with the people you care about,

  • life that you live without regrets.

Learn about Successful Living Program Facilitators



 Reginald I. Campbell is a gifted and anointed teacher and preacher. He possesses great administrative and leadership skills. As the senior pastor of the House of Reconciliation he has led the church through significant membership growth since he was appointed to the position by the founder, the late Dr. Sallie L. Campbell. He is the founder and president of Elohim Outreach, a non-profit organization.

He holds his national ordination license from the board of presbyters of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW). His formal ministerial training was at Aeon Bible College and Moody Bible Institute, where he received his Bachelor of Theology and Master of Divinity degrees respectively. Campbell has over 20 years of experience in the corporate arena in which he has served in various positions such as Market Analyst and Marketing Executive for New Products and Trend Analysis. He currently is President and CEO of Campbell & Associates in which he is a Strategist and Technology Developer for international companies. Academically, he has earned his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Business Administration.

Sr. Pastor Campbell and his wife reside in Greenville, South Carolina. He has three children: Pharez, Elizabeth, and Brandi.


Jeff Akers Life Coach Overview


As a life coach, Pastor Jeff Akers helps people find direction and elevate themselves beyond current circumstances for over 16 years in ministerial and private sectors. Inspiring his clients to face fears and overcome struggles, Akers also serves as a motivational speaker. Coach Akers' ability to reconstruct his own life despite his immense physical struggles in past years, allow him to relate closely to those he counsels. His style is as of a mentor and adviser, with philosophical and inspirational stories that help others gain strength. As a life coach he continues to redirect his clients' focus so they achieve their short and long term goals effectively.


Inspirational Quotes by Coach Akers


“I can, is not just a statement but a command to oneself to eliminate the option of quitting.”


“It's not how much ability and talent you have, but rather how much you use. Don't let fear limit your progress.”


“Everything that is fruit is in the seed. Have you considered what inside of you?”


Certified and licensed as a life coach with Life Catalyst Institute;

TCBAP Provider No. 0090-87E;

Social Work # CS-1422

BCC: - 2469   

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