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Please take the time to fill out the questioner with total honesty for the best result . The assessment is developed to obtain information that will help us guide you in a more positive out come for your ministry 


The successful living individual life assessment if only available for resisted participants 

Pastor & Church Assessment 
Do you believe you need mentoring?
What area do you need mentoring in the most?
How often do you deal with people who have a family crisis?
How do you deal with crisis in your church?
Do you believe you need more education?
What area of education do you need?
Do you have a relationship with any city officials or community leaders?
How involved are you or your church with community activities?
What area do you need assistance in?
Do you believe you need help understanding church financial stability?
Do you need help understanding?
Do you need help with basic computer skills?
Do you have a succession plan in place for the church?
What is your church focused on ?
Is the senior pastor the driving personality or face for your ministry?
Is your church losing members?
Has your church begun to identify a specific vision for the future?
How often do you share the vision of the ministry ?
Is your church reproducing and multiplying at all levels and in all areas of ministry
How do you share the vison?
How would you rate your church membership?
Your church is most known in the community for
Has your church begun to build a financial giving campaign to fund ministry and expand the vision?
On a scale 1-5 five being the higest how well does your church receive new people?
How often does your ministry execute a community invitation to your church?

Thanks for submitting!

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